Protesting Indefinite Detention

Recreating page 111 of Tings Chak's graphic documentary Undocumented in the style of a familiar source for news media: an Instagram post. #refugeecrisis #detainees #refugees #canadasdetentioncenters #indefinitedetention #tingschak #illustration #therefugeerepertoire #humanbeings #news #protest #humanrights #thebanalityofevil  

The Sea Prayer – an Uncommon Narrative

An illustrated story animated in a virtual reality film, The Sea Prayer is a refreshing take on conveying a refugee narrative, a story of humans. An immersive experience that demands the viewer’s full attention and participation, The Sea Prayer was created by Khaled Hosseini to commemorate the death of Alan Kurdi who died at sea… Continue reading The Sea Prayer – an Uncommon Narrative


The most important thing that I've learned in this course would be that despite the common tropes that surround the refugees and their experiences, in the end, the people who travel from their homes to begin a different life, are human. They are mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, aunts, uncles, teachers. farmers, doctors, journalists. Inspired by… Continue reading ONE THING I HAVE LEARNED

The Nando Sigona article and the Thi Bui approach.

“Indeed, storytelling is part of people’s everyday life, a cultural and intersubjective experience to the core (Eastmond 2007) in which a person draws on the cultural repertoires at his/her disposal to make sense of, imagine, and negotiate with others the world around them; such an exercise, this chapter argues, is simultaneously individual and collective, positional… Continue reading The Nando Sigona article and the Thi Bui approach.